Linwood Arts Centre 2001

My first solo exhibition and what a massive gallery - it took 25 paintings to fill the hall appropriately. At the time I thought it may be a while before I again have such a large body of work shown together. Few galleries are that large and there is also the time factor to finish such a large number of paintings (amost half a year).

I try to exhibit as much as possible, either in group shows or small casual showings but nothing beats a good solo exhibition with many works.



Allegory 2003

The show ran for one month, contained 16 paintings and I painted in the gallery throughout the exhibition.

I enjoyed the people contact and managed to get a lot work done, it was never distracting - in fact it was great to have a bit of pressure to come up with the goods. I think the visitors had interesting insight into the oil painting process and it added an extra dimension to the show.


Allegory 2005

After the success of the ‘At Work’ exhibition where I had used the gallery as studio space, I returned for another month of exhibiting/painting, this time with 13 paintings.

Since I had not painted at all the previous year due to writing/working on Rock Deluxe, it was pure pleasure to prepare for the show and to paint in the space.



Alexis Fine Art 2005 - (was called Furnature on Art)

A joint exhibition within a very large gallery for one month. To fill the space adequately required 20 paintings – which is a big number to prepare for an exhibition, almost half a years worth of work.


Khandallah Gallery 2007

The inspiration and subject of the exhibition was the hilly and lush Khandallah area. I had worked there as a part-time Postie for half a year, running around, enjoying the views and listening to the Tuis. What I really loved were the predominantly green views. Even tough it is a city suburb; the houses, tarmac and concrete do not dominate. It is this balanced mix of nature and houses which I tired to capture.

This body of work was an experiment in being inspired by local content and then exhibiting in the exact area from which the work came. 16 paintings, two weeks and I also painted within the gallery.


New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts 2008

My first big showing of sculpture, 37 ceramic works as well as 7 paintings. After 6 months of non-stop work and learning my sculptures are finally ready to hit public arena. Most are glazed but some are painted in bright colours. While some people appreciate the boldness, the old school potters don't seem to be impressed!



To date I have participated in many groups shows and exhibited in the following galleries.

Allegory (Christchurch)

Alexis Fine Arts (Christchurch)

Trish Shaw Fine Arts (Christchurch)

Gallery O (Christchurch)

Academy Galleries (Wellington)

Tamarillo (Wellington)