1975 27 march, Prague, Czech Republic .
1981 Family moved to the South Island, New Zealand.
1992 Reached Black Belt in Seido Karate.
1992 2nd South Island Mountain Bike Summer Series (junior division).
1994-1995 Studied Mechanical Engineering at the Christchurch Polytechnic.
1995-1996 President of the Christchurch Polytechnic Student’s Association.
1998 Started oil painting.
1998 Authored Quantum Field Bouldering guide. An 80 page bouldering guide to Quantum Field Castle Hill.
1998 New Zealand Bouldering Series champion.
2000 Co-authored South Island Rock with Tim Wethey. A 500 page rock climbing guidebook.
2001 First solo exhibition at the Linwood Arts Centre (Christchurch).
2003 'At Work,' solo Exhibition at Allegory (Christchurch).
2004 Co-authored Rock Deluxe with Kate Sinclair. A 428 page rock climbing guidebook to the best climbs in the South Island.
2005 'Back at Work,' Solo exhibition at Allegory (Christchurch).
2005 'Emotional Engineering' large exhibition at Alexis Fine Arts (Christchurch).
2005 Moved to Wellington.
2007 'Post Perspective,' solo exhibition at Khandallah Gallery (Wellington).
2007 Started ceramisizing.
2007 President of the Wellington Potters Association
2008 'Solo26,' solo exhibition at the Academy Galleries (Wellington).